Did you try  our "Come Hear" Listening Challenge held on the 8-10th of Sep 2017 at The Curve Mall, PJ?

We held a family and friends competition to see who had the best hearing! Completing the four booth challenges meant you walked away a winner! Look out for future Listening Lab events.

  • Helping a Loved one with Hearing Loss

    People who suffer from hearing loss is usually the last person to be aware of it. What can we do to help them? Check out this guideline on how we can help.

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    What is Hearing Loss and How Does It Happen?

    Educating yourself on hearing loss is important, especially if you have recently experienced it or you have family members or friends who have done so.

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    Siemens Signia Hearing Aids, A Standard Above The Rest

    One of the world’s leaders in hearing care technology, specialises a wide range of medical solutions, including advanced computerized hearing devices for today.

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