Siemens Signia Hearing Aids, A Standard Above The Rest

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Siemens Hearing (today the company is known as Sivantos - The Hearing Company) is one of the world’s leaders in hearing care technology. They were the pioneers of this industry when founder of Siemens, Mr Werner Von Siemens, and Mr Louis Weber invented the first hearing aid in 1911. Today, they have transformed themselves into a giant technology conglomerate which specialises a wide range of medical solutions, including advanced computerized hearing devices for the 21st century.

Siemens has recently launched a new range of hearing devices called the Signia Series. Incorporating the proprietary BestSound Technology(trademark) package in all of their devices, they have set a new benchmark for digital processing and multichannel systems for hearing aids.

What makes the Siemens Signia such a compelling proposition compared to other hearing devices?

  1. Siemens Signia hearing aids today are leading the industry with its ability to process sounds across 48 channels in an instant. This is a remarkable feat of technology which also requires cutting edge digital processing power to manage all 48 channels while keeping power consumption low. Siemens Signia has managed to deliver on this sophisticated system while managing the parameters of latency and power usage.The outcome? Natural sounds from your hearing aids with a huge focus on speech and a class-leading noise management system.

  2. Clinical studies have measured the effort of the brain when a hearing impaired user is using Siemens Signia Technology (read more on the Primax hearing aid platform) versus other major brands of hearing devices. The results show that mental effort of the brain is significantly reduced when it is interacting with Siemens Signia hearing devices.

    The reason this is so is because their technology allows sounds and speech signals replicate and amplify sounds naturally. This means the sounds sent to the brain by the hearing aid are clean, clear, precise and very much similar to natural sounds the brain is used to from before.

  3. Siemens Signia have hearing devices that link up with the other accessories in your life. Have a smartphone? The Siemens Signia Pure BT hearing aid can link up with your smartphone and let you experience music streaming, video steaming, call streaming directly from phone to hearing aid, just with a swipe. No other devices needed.

    Want to watch TV with greater clarity? The Streamline TV system directly sends sounds from your TV or computer, to your hearing aids using low powered bluetooth signals. This ensures a smooth, clear and low latency experience when hearing your favourite shows or movies on your hearing aids.

  4. Live in Singapore or Malaysia? You’re in luck! Siemens Hearing’s global headquarters is in Singapore and a positive benefit of that is the latest technology is available to the residents of Singapore and Malaysia first. Their vast R&D facility in Singapore ensures that their latest technology is always trialed in Singapore and Malaysia and very localised to our needs.

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