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The Listening Lab Malaysia provides a full spectrum of hearing care services from evaluation of hearing and tinnitus, fitting of tinnitus and hearing aids, counselling and rehabilitation for hearing device users. Find out more by clicking the button below.

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Hearing aids in Malaysia?

Looking for hearing aids in Malaysia? Every hearing loss is different, so picking the right hearing device for your hearing loss profile from a top hearing care centre is the most important step for an improved, happy listening experience. Start this selection process by deciding which category of device is what you prefer most.
  • Comfortable

    These hearing aids are advanced, have multipurpose uses and places wearing comfort as its most important feature.

  • Rechargeable

    Today, hearing aids can be recharged quickly, completely fuss-free, just like a mobile phone.

  • Hidden

    “Invisible” hearing aids are most popular with people conscious about the design of their hearing devices.

  • Powerful

    Super or Ultra powered hearing aids are most suited to users with a severe or profound loss.

  • Smartphone-ready

    The most advanced hearing aids in the market today link up with your smartphone with easy to deliver the best overall listening experience.

About Us

At The Listening Lab Malaysia, we understand the prevailing attitudes, norms and and worries of people who suffer from the results of untreated hearing loss. Our mission as reputable hearing aid centre is to help these people by offering hearing assessment, fitting of hearing aids and tinnitus devices, aftercare, counselling and support in post fitting services so that they can hear better, feels better, live better!

Our Services


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Ear Cleaning: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Tinnitus Causes and Risk Factors

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Give The Gift of Hearing

Give The Gift of Hearing

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