Hearing Aids for Active Seniors - Recommendations

DID YOU KNOW: There are different types of hearing aids. We offer them here.

Recommended Hearing Aids for Active Seniors

Hearing aids are proven to be very effective in dealing with hearing problems. Whether or not a person is comfortable with an existing hearing device, a good recommendation still opens the door for more options. 

If you are one of the active seniors who are dealing with hearing impairment and are looking for hearing aid recommendations, you have come to the right place.

The hearing aids we recommend for active seniors

  1. Resound Linx Quattro - This rechargeable hearing device consistently provides a 90 hour supply of power to ensure that your listening time will not get interrupted. The product’s performance is absolutely seamless when it comes to its hearing technology. There’s no need to prolong your waiting time between charges since it only takes 3 hours to charge the battery. Processing time speeds up whenever you use Quattro for hearing activities.
  2. Phonak Audeo Marvel - Our non-rechargeable and rechargeable hearing products are available in battery sizes 312 and 13. The good news is our active seniors can connect to mobile devices that have Bluetooth built-in features. Able to plug into USB ports that can be very useful these days. Battery life can stand within the 24-hour period when audio transmission is not active. On the other hand, it’ll take 16 hours if streaming is used for at least 4 hours.     
  3. Signia Motion Charge&Go NX - The good thing about Signia is that its Bluetooth technology doesn’t have to fully depend on smartphones. Yes, you can sometimes have audio exercises using Bluetooth off your mobile phone. Battery life extends to 21 hours without audio streaming and 19 hours when used for 5 hours straight. These types of hearing aids are compatible with Apple products and it uses myControl app.
  4. Signia Pure Charge & Go NX - Changing batteries can be a hassle for some people. With Signia Pure Charge, there’s no need to do that. Simply use the induction charging method, and enjoy a battery life of 17 hours of consumption when charged for 5 hours and 30 minutes of charging for a 6-hour use. After having a phone call, you can switch from mobile phone to hearing device. 

Active seniors often find themselves more involved and participating in what life has to offer them, let alone getting out and sharing fun times with others. In this regard, it is just right to select a pair of hearing aids that matches the lifestyle and above are what we thought would be the perfect companion for active seniors living life with hearing loss.

Should you be interested in any of these recommendations but find the features overwhelming, we have our hearing care specialists ready to help you quickly understand the basic functions and how they can be used to your advantage.

Not sure which one of these fit you right? You can visit any of our branches in Malaysia for hearing assessment and hearing aid fitting.