How Malaysia is Ensuring the Health & Safety of Workers’ Hearing

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Malaysia's Workers Health and Safety

In Malaysia, the government is implementing the Noise Exposure Regulation which intends to protect workers from the negative effects of noises coming from machines used in factories. Its objective is to ask business owners to take action so workers can undergo a screening and know their current hearing condition.

Additionally, the regulation is highly recommending the use of ear gears or hearing protectors. Hearing care rehabilitation centres in Malaysia can provide various types of hearing protectors to be used when working with machines that can produce a very loud noise. On the other hand, employers have the responsibility to impose regulations for hearing loss prevention.     

Risk Assessments 

Every company has its own health and safety protocols. Audiometric tests must be initiated by employers that have workers who may have sensitivity to loud noises. Workers without any suspected hearing-related problems must also undergo audiometric tests. Exposure to heavy machines each day may lead to poor hearing especially when there is no ear protection at all. A worker with hearing impairment must be evaluated regularly to determine whether or not the hearing condition has improved, as this can have an impact on his or her productivity in the workplace. 

Risk assessments are also done to test the machine’s capacity to produce sound. Any unpleasant sound can be disturbing and affect the worker’s hearing health. If there is a way to reduce the sound coming from a machine, employers have all the discretion to do it. Otherwise, business owners have the option to replace it.   

Significance of audiometric tests

Business owners and their workers are both at risks if audiometric tests are often neglected. It is advisable to undergo a series of tests every year to determine any possible eardrum damage. Audiometric tests may include training, balancing and hearing assessments. Balancing means testing the performance of the inner ear. 

Tests are highly important to know when and how to wear hearing protectors. Chances are, hearing impairment can get worse without proper hearing care. It is the sole responsibility of employers to take good care of each employee. The Malaysian government guarantees the safety of employees in different workplaces by asking companies to have strict compliance.    

Employers are expected to know which hearing aid technology is suitable to each worker in workplaces. Doing otherwise may lead to poor hearing conditions. 

Personal hearing protector and hearing zones 

Employers’ implementation of preventive measures is associated with the proper use of personal hearing protectors. The company’s regulations are expected to be adhered by workers especially those who stay in hearing zones most of the time. 

Workers are expected to stay away from the hearing zone if they are not wearing the personal hearing protector. Heavy machines are placed on hearing zones where workers wear their own protective gear. As a result, a very loud noise can be heard. So, it is always important to stick with the rules. 

Need professional advice? 

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