Fight Hearing loss with Exercises and Brain App Games

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When a person with hearing loss is warranted with an amplification device, they may be capable of picking up sounds they haven't heard for a long time—or for the first time in their lives. But in rare cases, they may not comprehend how to utilize the information they are hearing. This can make hearing and expressing hard.

To assist you, we occasionally advise auditory training – exercises to help amplify the tracks in the brain that process and interpret sound. You can do training before or soon after you get an amplification device such as a cochlear implant, hearing aid, or bone-anchored device.

Auditory activities can be as straightforward as duplicating words quietly or as complicated as repeating sentences in background noise. Listening mastery can make the everyday exchange easier for individuals with hearing loss and their communication partners.

Study shows that auditory training produces the most promising results when it's done regularly. Traditional programs usually involve one-on-one or group sessions with audiologists or speech-language pathologists. Still, several free programs and apps are functional for training at home or on the go.

Our favorite is Amptify. Here's why we recommend it.

Amptify and how it works

Backed by clinical research and peer-reviewed publishing

Research shows that Amplify's cognitive training methods have developed speech perception skills, increased listening confidence, and enhanced conversational fluency. They offer activities to gain the most out of your hearing devices. This also has an excellent Tinnitus program.

DTx Features

Amptify participants experience a merging of tele-audiology and aural rehabilitation that supplements hearing instrument service and delivers a scientifically-backed, imaginative, and patient-proven treatment for hearing loss.

The Amptify hearing healthcare program includes:

A Hearing Health Coach: Guidance from certified audiologists trained to support and engage participants.

Interactive Curriculum: twelve to sixteen weeks of motivation, quizzes, strategies, real-life practice, and hearing loss education crafted to improve participants' lives.

Training: Video games are designed to teach strong listening and cognitive skills through fun, interactive auditory training modules.

Community Support: A managed peer-to-peer environment for participants to interact, receive support and offer guidance.

Skills developed using Auditory Training

  • Enhances speech discrimination: NIH team's research revealed that auditory training enhanced patients' capacity to determine words that sound alike and lowered word confusion.
  • Reduced perceptual exertion while listening: Research showed that auditory training reduces the effort required to recognize words, so more cognitive resources can be devoted to processing meaning.
  • Improved Listening Confidence: Studies show that participants' participation in the auditory training program significantly increased their confidence to engage in everyday conversations.
  • Enhanced the overall wellness experience: The program gave patients a feeling of empowerment over hearing loss, a high degree of fulfillment because of ongoing professional contact, and lowered listening challenges they most desired to address.

What we can do

The Listening Lab Malaysia provides free listening rehabilitation sessions with selected hearing aid model purchases. Its goal is to meet the needs of individuals seeking faster improvement through their hearing aids.

We also recommend exercises with your hearing aid device(s) to help improve your listening skills. We have been offering quality hearing care services to hearing loss patients, including a professional hearing test and a lifetime aftercare program. Visit any of our branches to find out more about this service.