What is a Receiver-In-Ear (RIC) Hearing Aid?

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RIC Hearing Aids

Several audiologists suggest Receiver-In-Ear (RIC) hearing aid for patients experiencing hearing loss. But what is RIC, and why is this hearing aid popular amongst patients and Hearing professionals?

What is Receiver-In-Ear (RIC)?

The receiver-in-canal RIC style is an open-fit hearing aid that sits behind your ear and feeds sound through a thin tube that connects to your ear canal. It's one of the smallest types of behind-the-ear.

RIC hearing aids are hidden, with the biggest part (comprising the battery) tucked secretly behind your ear. A thin, clear tube runs over the top of your ear and down to the ear canal, where the cone-shaped speaker sits. The speaker is created to permit air to pass through, lowering the occlusion result or "plugged" feeling.

Despite its tiny size, the RIC hearing aid has plenty of room for various features and is pretty effortless to modify, withdraw, and insert manually.

Standard BTE models typically house the loudspeakers in the case placed behind the ear, though the RIC hearing aid places the speakers inside the ear canal. As the sound is transferred directly to the ear, this model requires less energy and uses fewer batteries.

Advantages and Disadvantages of RIC

More than half of all patients having hearing loss are good prospects for RIC hearing aids. These treat mild to moderately severe hearing loss for people with a somewhat active lifestyle.

Compared to other models, RIC reduces the "plugged" feeling and makes it feel like earbuds if compared to. It minimizes the sounds of your voice in the ear canal space, making it easy for you to communicate. It allows the natural sound quality of your voice. It has small casings tucked behind the ear plus a discreet tubing, so its visibility is very low. Finally, RIC has better and longer battery life, so you can go about your life without worrying about recharging your hearing aid.

However, when using a RIC, you can experience a risk of moisture damage, especially with an active lifestyle. Since it is placed in a less intrusive place, it can be lost. Speaker is additionally sensitive to earwax and moisture clogging.

RIC hearing aids are favored because of their hidden build and comfort. Technological advances also made them more adaptable with stream options such as wireless connectivity and streaming.

The right hearing aid depends on the preferred features, ear anatomy, specific lifestyle needs, budget, cosmetic appeal, and more. It's best to work with our hearing professional to determine the right style for you.

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