Is It Possible to Have Hearing Loss in Only One Ear?

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hearing loss in one ear


It is practically possible to lose one side of your hearing.

One-sided hearing loss occurs when you have trouble hearing or may feel deafness that affects only one of your ears. People with this situation may have concerns about understanding speech in crowded areas, locating the source of a sound, and tuning out background noise.

What causes one-sided hearing loss?

Hearing changes can be a biological outcome of aging. Some causes of hearing loss are reversible, such as wax buildup in the ear canal or ear infections with fluid buildup. Some are irreversible, like problems with the inner ear.

Other possible causes include:

  • injury to the ear
  • exposure to loud noise
  • exposure to certain drugs
  • tumor
  • illness
  • blockage of the ear
  • presence of a foreign body in the ear

What you can do with one-sided hearing loss

If you have hearing loss symptoms, it's essential to make an appointment with your doctor any time you experience hearing loss in one or both ears.

During the doctor's visit, the audiologist will review your symptoms and medical history and conduct a physical examination of your ears, nose, and throat. The doctor will also order a hearing test.

During the hearing test, your audiologist will measure how you respond to various sounds and tones at varying volume levels. These tests can help determine the part of the ear that is affected, which can provide clues as to the underlying cause of the hearing loss.

Confusion surrounding one-sided hearing loss

Some patients think they have one sided hearing loss because they hear louder on one side. After the hearing test, it turns out that one side is worse, and the other is bad. This is a common misconception among most patients because they don't realise that both ears are problematic.

Hearing assessment is key to understanding your ear condition

The good thing is, with a comprehensive hearing assessment, the audiologist may discover that one ear loses its hearing faster than the other. Many of our patients from The Listening Lab Malaysia experienced this concern. If you experience this, it is best to contact your trusted audiologist.

It is best to have any hearing concerns treated immediately. When left untreated, your hearing loss may worsen, or you may completely lose your hearing instantly. Directly inquire through The Listening Lab Malaysia and book an appointment with our audiologist if you think you have at least one hearing problem. You may also contact us through WhatsApp at 03 7725 9334. You will never know you're losing your hearing unless you have it checked.