You may have missed our "Come Hear" Listening Challenge back in Sep 2017 at The Curve Mall?

Competitions were held between family and friends to see who had the best hearing! Completing four booth challenges meant you walked away a winner! Contact us to find out more about future events.

  • Best Family & Friends Event

    We invited all hearing aid users in Petaling Jaya area to our Best Friends & Family (BFF) Event at our newly opened flagship Hearing Centre in The Curve, Petaling Jaya.

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    "Come Hear!” A Listening Lab Hearing Challenge

    "Come Hear!” A Hearing Challenge by Listeninig Lab.

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    FREE Training On Using Your Smartphone, Facebook & Whatsapp

    Attend one hour basic introduction course to smartphone usage and stay connected to friends and family using Facebook and Whatsapp.

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    [Massive Success!] FREE Training For Senior On Using Smartphone & Apps

    Our Free Seminar for Seniors wanting to learn how to better use their Smartphones and Apps was a massive success! Check out our video!

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