Remote Hearing Care

Remote Hearing Care


Technology is improving everyday and in hearing care, you see many of these cutting edge technologies reaching the consumer.

The Listening Lab is pleased to introduce remote hearing care: This service is where your are able to have your hearing aids programed and adjusted from anywhere in the world, as long as you have your smart phone and internet access with you. All this, without even leaving your home and visiting us!


How does it work:

The first visit to The Listening Lab for your initial hearing aid fitting and activation is still necessary. From there, your hearing professional will have you download an app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Your hearing aids will be linked to your smartphone app and you are all ready to go!


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Your hearing professional can help you, no matter where you are:

For example you are at home watching tv and somehow the hearing aid doesn't seem to pick up your tv program well. You’ve change programs or volumes on your own and it still doesn’t work.

With Remote Hearing Care, just take your smartphone and activate your hearing aid app in the phone. Soon your hearing professional will appear and be able to discuss with you the issue you are facing.


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Once he has heard your complaint and decided on a course of action. He can immediately make an adjustment to your hearing aid! He will send you a settings package via the phone app and all you have to do is hit “yes” and the new settings will be implemented in your hearing aid asap. 

If you like the new settings, just bid your consultant goodbye and go back to watching TV!

If you are displeased with the new setting, further additional changes can be made OR he can revert back to your old settings, . There is no risk at all of hearing discomfort.


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