How Long Does It Take to Get Used to a Hearing Aid?

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Getting used to hearing aids

Your hearing loss has been gradual; over the years, you have lost the capacity to hear certain sounds in the speech spectrum and familiar sounds of the environment, such as traffic and wind noise, the hum of machinery, and other background noises.

When you start to wear hearing aids, hearing aids will help habilitate these sounds, but your brain will need training and re-education to concentrate on selectively and filter sounds. Some sounds may even scare you at first. Know that your brain will adjust to these sounds again over time.

It takes time to adjust to hearing aids. Wear them as much as possible at first to become more experienced at identifying the direction of the sound and which hearing aid settings work best for you in various situations. It would also be helpful if you can join a listening rehabilitation program.

It can take up to four months to get familiarized with your hearing aids, depending on how well you train yourself. You will notice minor changes instantly, but patience is crucial. If you have questions or concerns about your progress, call your hearing professional for help. Hearing aids often need to be adjusted several times during the trial period. Do not be afraid to ask. 

The adjustment term may be tiresome. It's a lot like retraining a muscle that has not been used in a while. But the advantages will be worth it after you've adapted. Acquiring hearing aids to treat hearing loss is a crucial step, but it's not the finish line. Adapting to hearing aids is more like knowing how to drive than learning to read with new glasses. It's a procedure that takes time, dedication, education, and tolerance.

Rehabilitation Sessions

It is usual for first-time wearers to feel intimidated by new hearing devices. So, we have created this list to guide and enable confidence in meeting new people. It can be a long way for patients to process everything, but our hearing care professionals provide the best hearing solutions in Singapore. You might also want to learn some great tips on how to get used to your hearing aids so you can find a way to train yourself quickly.

So, if you do, we are willing to answer questions related to all hearing-related problems. You can also visit any of our branches in Malaysia for a hearing assessment so we can address your hearing concerns personally.