Listening Rehabilitation

It’s not easy to be familiar with new devices for the first time and that’s totally understandable. If you’re a newbie, don’t get discouraged. There is still time to undergo counselling so you’ll know how to use hearing aids and develop your listening abilities.

First-time wearers usually have issues adapting to their own environment since they hear things that don’t seem natural to them. If someone close to you is suffering from hearing loss, you definitely know what we are exactly talking about. As a trusted hearing care centre, The Listening Lab provides professional hearing assessment and our hearing experts keep track of every person’s progress in terms of communication abilities.

Listening Rehabilitation

How do we define Aural Rehabilitation

Aural/listening rehabilitation can be divided into major parts. People who are having difficulty hearing can undergo training that involves listening/hearing tests, proper usage of hearing aids and speech tests. Basically, aural rehabilitation simply means to train people with hearing problem so they can properly communicate and learn how to adjust in our society.

Aural Rehabilitation and Its Benefits

Aural rehabilitation is so important and this is the reason why a person with hearing loss is often endorsed to hearing care professionals. If someone is suffering from this kind of condition, proper counselling must be considered all the time. This is definitely necessary for faster improvement. A certain number of days in the clinic can speed up the entire process since we are focusing on important areas. Buying hearing aids is essential but training patients on how to cope up with their lives on a daily basis, especially with their new found hearing, is something that should not be ignored.

Speech clarity - When using hearing aids, it is also good to hear your own voice. This will give a clue in which direction you want to go. Our hearing professionals can let patients hear their own voices and take speech exercises whenever possible. This includes simple pronunciations that can have a positive impact on their speaking abilities.

Self-confidence - Aural rehabilitation utilises a proper method to boost confidence since it is a classroom setting with complete resources that can make our patients knowledgeable.

Avoid communication barriers - Patients are being trained to hear/listen, speak and comprehend so they can easily interact with other people around them.

Use of hearing aids - Patients are being taught how to understand basic device functionalities so it can maximise their hearing and listening abilities. Our experts are making sure that people who have these conditions are familiar with the current hearing device technology. We consider sessions that commonly target their weak areas to further improve them.

The Listening Lab is providing free listening rehabilitation sessions with selected hearing aid model purchases. Its purpose is to meet the needs of individuals who are seeking faster improvement through their hearing aids.