Is it OK to Buy Hearing Aids Without a Test?

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Person with hearing aids on hand

When we grow older, it is prevalent to lose our hearing. However, anyone can get hearing loss because of lifestyle or accidents.

Various kinds of hearing aids can be seen on the market nowadays. These hearing aids differ based on design, purpose, frequency, style, and brand. With such various choices, is it possible to purchase a hearing aid without consulting an audiologist?

Here are a few reasons why an audiologist consultation is crucial

A hearing aid is a piece of intricate medical equipment that functions other than turning the sound louder for you. It is not necessarily accurate that one hearing aid performs perfectly for one person- one size fits all kind.

The hearing aid required depends on the medical issue you are experiencing. You should consult the audiologist to understand the root of your hearing issue. Hearing requirements differ in every person, so the hearing health clinic should tune your hearing aid to satisfy your needs.

Hearing aid tuning is necessary through special software. If inaccurately set, the devices may not work efficiently for your needs. You will have to go on without proper hearing, which may cause more harm than good.

Many people face the issue of getting used to the hearing aids they buy, which is why doctors often set up follow-up visits with their clients. They ensure that the hearing aid fits their customers’ conditions and hearing needs.

Buying a hearing aid online is risky because it may not meet your specific hearing needs and may not help you in hearing precisely.

Benefits of having a prescribed hearing aid

There are benefits of consulting an audiologist and getting your ears checked before purchasing a hearing aid, such as:

  • An audiologist is an expert in hearing loss and aids. They are adequately trained in this field.
  • The audiologist can ensure that the hearing aid fits you using accurate ear technology using a series of medically approved hearing testing methods and validation methodology to ensure your hearing aids are correctly amplified.
  • They can advise you on how to take care of your hearing aids and how to get used to them.
  • They provide sessions of aural rehabilitation together with a hearing aid purchase - otherwise known as hearing training - to train your brain to process amplified sounds from hearing devices in a quicker time.
  • You can understand more about hearing loss and how to avoid a worsening hearing issue.

Hearing a sound is a complex procedure; the sound has to go through numerous phases before being recorded in your brain. And that’s the reason why various medical conditions and issues can cause hearing loss.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with our pleasant and experienced staff. Learn more about over-the-counter (retail) hearing aids and how they can affect you.