Professional Hearing Aid Cleaning Service

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Professional Hearing Aid Cleaning Service

As a hearing aid user, you know very well of the importance of cleaning your device on a daily basis. It’s a routine that has been taught since the first day you greeted your renewed sense of hearing. However, a regular visit to your trusted hearing aid expert is still necessary to ensure that your device is kept at its tiptop condition.

Here are a few reasons why:

You’ll get an improved audio quality.

Hearing aids need a little pampering too in order to regain its rejuvenated state. After your hearing aid experts are done cleaning your device, you’ll be surprised by how improved the quality of its audio is.

Your hearing aids are not only cleaned but also checked.

When you surrender your hearing aids for cleaning, they also check for any damage or malfunctions that have been incurred over time. If there are any, repairs may be advised to prevent a much more severe problem. Recommended reading: Is it time to update your hearing aids?

They have the tools and knowledge.

Hearing aid professionals have mastered the proper way to clean your device. They know how to navigate their way inside the intricate details of hearing aids. They know the correct way to remove all the wax that has built-up in your device without causing damage to the receiver or the microphones.

So, when do you know when it’s time to get your hearing aids cleaned?

1. You have earwax buildup.

It’s absolutely hard to take a peek inside your own ear canals, but it’s still possible to feel (and even hear) if you’re experiencing wax buildup. Signs may include itchy and damp ears or a feeling of being full and clogged. If you’re hearing static noises or unusual sounds while chewing such as pops and cracks, treat this as a red flag as well. But the most noticeable sign of all is mild hearing loss.

2. You have an ear infection.

Impacted earwax can put your ears and hearing health at further risk which may involve the development of ear infection. It’s best to have your ears checked and hearing device cleaned from accumulated bacteria. 

By keeping an eye out on ear infection symptoms, you can detect it early on before it gets worse. Just a few things to look out for include ear pain, fever, drainage, trouble sleeping, and sudden loss of appetite.

3. You notice a recurring impacted earwax.

The earwax produced by our ears provides lubrication that prevents extreme dryness of the skin in the ear canal. It can be dry or wet, depending on each the body. As we grow older, the glands that are responsible for the production of earwax shrink and slow down the production. This causes the earwax to be dryer than usual and harder to push out of the ear canal. This type of earwax can easily be impacted.

Other than the reasons above, we highly recommend getting your hearing aids checked at least annually for optimal maintenance. For professional hearing aid cleaning services, you may visit any of our Listening Lab branches in Malaysia.