Can I Get Myself an Invisible Hearing Aid?

Invisible Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have changed so much since they were first introduced in the market. They used to come in the form of giant devices that were hung around necks and could even barely last the entire day. 

In this day and age, not only were they made portable and long-lasting, but they are also upgraded with more features that could fit the lifestyle of wearers better. This progress includes waterproof capability, Bluetooth connection, and rechargeability. There’s no doubt, we have gone a long way from where we first started with the hearing aids industry.

In this post, we are going to talk more about another advancement in today’s hearing aid productsinvisible hearing aid. These kinds of device were purposely made tiny, enabling them to sit deep within the ear canal. Thus, making it appear as if the user isn’t wearing the hearing aid.

Is everyone suitable to wear invisible hearing aids?

The simple answer is no. Invisible hearing aids typically match patients experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss. 

Although the size of invisible hearing aids is very small, the narrowness and shape of your ear canal must still be taken into account. If this part of your ear is too tight, this kind of device may not be the best fit for you.

It also depends on the severity of your condition. To fit the size of the device, the receiver of invisible hearing aids is made tiny as well. Because of this, it might not be able to produce as much sound like the other kinds of hearing aids. To put it simply, the more severe the hearing loss problem, the more power is required from the device.

Various hearing tests must be done to ensure that the hearing device you’ll be getting would be the most suitable for your condition.

More Information About Invisible Hearing Aids

1. It’s great for users with an active lifestyle.

As invisible hearing aids are custom fit into the wearer’s inner ear, the device is meant to be secure enough not to fall easily unlike its other kinds. You can go ahead and wear your hearing aids while jogging, playing a sport, or any other activity without the fear of damaging it.

2. Invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aids make it easier to use other gadgets.

The device’s position inside the ear canal poses no obstruction to using telephones, mobile phones, and even headphones.

3. It produces better sounds.

Again, because of its positioning, the outer ear is able to protect the device. This makes invisible hearing aids less likely to pick up wind noise. Due to its location as well, the device is able to preserve natural acoustics, which may result in more genuine sound for some wearers.

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