The Six Most Common Causes of Hearing Loss

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Common Causes of Hearing Loss

You probably want to avoid hearing loss and is curious about which scenarios that lead to this unwanted condition. Well, you are in the right page as here we are going to discuss the instances from which you will likely end up having difficulty in hearing the sounds coming from your surroundings. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Exposure to loud noise

This is perhaps the most common reason of hearing loss. Being constantly exposed to loud music for a long period of time can cause one to lose their hearing. There is only a certain level of decibels that our ears are comfortable hearing.

What can you do? If you have no choice but to be exposed to these sounds, make sure you wear protective gear such as earplugs to lessen the damage that these noises create.

2. Natural aging

Second to loud noise exposure, natural aging is yet another common cause of hearing loss. Our bodies are like machines that slow down and become less efficient as we go by the years. Our bones become brittle, our vision blurry, our hearing weak. We can’t blame our body. It has had a good run. Everyone is bound to reach this condition.

What can you do? The only way one can slow it down is by taking care of one’s body. Get proper exercise and eat healthy.

3. Head injury

Our head holds not just our ears, but almost all of our five senses, and most importantly the brain. With this, extra precaution and care must be observed. A bump on the head can be very dangerous since it holds many vital organs.

What can you do? Keep an eye on any low ceiling, branches, beams, and bars that your head could bump into. Practice safety all the time.

4. Ototoxic medications

There are many medicines that can cause hearing loss. It’s not that these medicines are dangerous. Rather, they have some side effects that just so happens to affect one’s hearing. Diuretics, antibiotics, aspirin, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are a few examples of this. We call these medications as ototoxins. They are poisonous to the ears. Most medications’ effects go away once the dosage is reduced or stopped while some are long-term and even permanent.

What can you do? Ask your doctor for any side effects of the medications that you are taking. Be informed as always.

5. Illness

Complications and sickness can also lead to hearing loss. Otosclerosis, Usher’s syndrome, mumps, and German Measles are examples of this.

What can you do? Get all necessary shots and live a healthy lifestyle. Stay away from any cause of sickness such as dirty areas, contagious people, and the like.

6. Heredity

At times, hearing loss can be completely hereditary. You could get it from your mom or your dad. You can even get it from your grandparents or great grandparents.

What can you do? There’s nothing that you can do really. Get to know your family history to learn more about the possibility of hearing loss in the family.

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How to slow down hearing loss?

One of the ways to slow down hearing loss is to make use of a properly fitted hearing aid. This has been documented to be helpful in hearing loss cases in many studies before. It keeps the hearing hair cells active such that it deteriorates less. It also keeps the auditory part of the brain familiar with sounds so it recognises what those sounds mean.

What can you do? Find a properly fitted hearing aid or consult with a hearing care professional near you.

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