Hearing Loss Related Questions You Are Too Afraid To Ask

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Hearing Loss Questions

Getting a hearing aid is a big step in one’s life. It takes a lot of courage to actually decide to get one and more courage to go have a hearing test which is the first step in every hearing aid’s journey. When you visit a hearing health professional from the closest hearing center, you might either be too scared or too overwhelmed to ask questions that you wanted to ask. But worry not because we’ve listed and answered all those for you.

1. Do I need two hearing aids?

After undergoing a hearing test, some would recommend that you get two hearing aids. We suggest that you do get two hearing aids instead of one. Well, first and foremost, we have two ears and while hearing loss may only occur in one ear, it would mean that that ear would have to work twice as much to function normally. The settings of the hearing aid would be higher than usual just to fill this gap.

Wearing two hearing aids also helps in sound localization which is being able to distinguish where sound is coming from. With the help of that additional hearing aid, your ears wouldn’t have to strain so hard.

2. Can I not wear a hearing aid and still treat my hearing loss?

There are other ways of treating hearing loss such as with cochlear implants but this treatment isn’t for everyone. This solution is an invasive surgical procedure that cuts through bones of the skull and then inserts electrodes inside the cochlea. It is mostly done for children born without hearing.

Hearing aids is a much simpler solution that requires zero surgery and can treat mild and even profound hearing loss cases.

3. Is there a natural way of treating hearing loss?

The Internet has probably told you that this and that works in treating your hearing loss. We’re sorry to inform you that these are not scientifically proven and might as well be considered a myth or a hoax.

The hair cells in the inner ear, once damaged, do not regenerate. These hair cells are the ones responsible for transmitting sound signals for the brain to interpret. Continuous damage to these hair cells may cause one to lose their hearing ability permanently.

4. Will I eventually go deaf?

Most cases of hearing loss are gradual and progressive. It gets worse over time. However, it won’t continue to the point of being completely deaf. Once it reaches a certain point, it will become steady.

It is best to know the type of hearing loss that you have and how severe it is. This way, you will know the kind of hearing aid is best for you and at what setting should the device be at. The moment you notice a change in hearing, consult a hearing health professional as soon as possible. Early prevention is always best. You can always talk to a hearing specialist at Listening Lab.

5. Do I need to learn sign language?

Sign language is one of the many solutions people use to cope with their hearing loss. One shouldn’t dismiss the thought of it because it can be very useful. However, one should consider various solutions such as lipreading, paying close attention to facial expressions and body language.

Don’t be afraid to ask your hearing health professional for any questions and clarifications about your hearing problem. They would be more than happy to inform you more about your condition. Or, you can visit Listening Lab Malaysia for hearing test. For more information, you can reach us at +603 7725 9334.