Maintaining Relationships Despite Having Hearing Loss

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Hearing Loss and Relationships

Let’s say you are going to watch a movie or you are going to watch a concert, your vision is not that good, and you forgot to wear your contact lenses or glasses. One thing’s for sure. You wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy what’s going to happen. That’s why your vision aids, whether they are contact lenses or prescription glasses, are important items that you must not forget whenever you would leave home. How do you think hearing loss without hearing aids affect our daily lives and overall quality of life? Continue reading to find out.

The Power of Hearing

You have a busy day ahead of you and what’s the most important thing before you kick start your day? It’s your alarm. You would then have light conversations over breakfast with your family or maybe listen to the news. Then you would listen to music on your smartphone along the way to school or work. We converse with our peers throughout the day and end it with some soothing music to lull you to sleep.

The Loss of Hearing

Hearing loss happens gradually and normally as we age. At first you can’t hear very soft sounds, until it worsens that you find it hard to understand the person you’re talking to, or listening to background music. It can actually affect our mental well-being causing Alzheimer’s and depression. Eventually, relationships with people are also affected.

The Effect of Hearing Loss

There are several effects of hearing loss to an individual’s relationships with friends and family.

  • You may get frustrated because you miss out on the conversations
  • Certains complicated topics are avoided just to give way to a more simplified version
  • You always stay away from noisy places that make it more difficult for you to hear
  • A change in lifestyle activities may also occur because certain adjustments have to be done like watching tv, going out for a walk, driving, and the like
The Advantages of Hearing Aids

With hearing loss comes hearing aids to help manage it. Check out below how hearing aids can help you save your relationship with the people around you and how you can live a great life.

1. More intimate relationships

Humans are naturally social creatures. We love to talk to one another. With hearing loss, you eventually lose you ability to differentiate certain letters from one another. You also find it difficult to hear higher pitched sounds. Hearing aids solve just that. Speech recognition is easier than ever. Technology has made noise reduction and sound amplification possible.

2. Enjoying previous activities again

If before you had to adjust greatly to certain activities such as driving, watching a TV show or movie, and the like, then hearing aids can be the solution you’re looking for. Being passive on these activities loses the fun in all of that especially if you are used to doing it with someone.

3. Connected more than ever

It’s not only those people who are near you that would see positive changes when you use hearing aids. Those friends and family from far places, whether they are just cities or even oceans away, can benefit from this. As someone with hearing loss, you would find it hard to stay on the phone or your desktop/smartphone for hours. Video Calling may help but nothing beats being able to hear your loved ones.

Don’t jeopardize your relationship with your loved ones and peers just because of hearing loss. Get a hearing aid today! Contact our hearing health professional at Listening Lab at 03 7725 9334