Can Stress Cause Hearing Loss?

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can stress cause hearing problem?

Got multiple exams coming in the week? Do you have a huge client presentation? Are you organizing a family event? Having difficulty managing your budget? All of these can be a cause of stress. One should be very cautious because stress, surprising as it may be, can actually cause hearing loss. Let’s learn more about what is stress, how it affects our body, and how it can specifically cause hearing loss.

What is stress?

Stress is our body’s reaction to a challenging or demanding situation. It is a feeling of tension that, at times may be positive, but can also be very harmful to the health. How is it positive, you might ask? Well, think of meeting a deadline. It gives you that adrenaline rush that you need. It becomes negative when our body experiences it on a daily basis.

How does it affect our body?

As a form of reaction, our body releases hormones that make the brain more alert, muscles tense, and pulse increased. Over time, it can put you at risk with heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, skin problems, and the like.

How does it cause hearing loss?

Our inner ear has small sensory hairs that is very dependent on good circulation to perform their task of translating and interpreting impulses to sound. If the circulation in the body is affected, it can cause tinnitus. Read about tinnitus here.

What can you do?

Follow these simple tips to help relieve yourself from stress.

1. Take a break

As much as possible, give yourself some time to re-energize. Just a few minutes away from the source of stress can be the relief that your body needs. It helps you relax and focus.

2. Exercise

Aside from rest, exercise is a way to provide your body with the energy and other health benefits that it needs. It gets your body moving while keeping you active.

3. Smile and laugh

Not only does smiling and laughing move those facial muscles in our face but more importantly, it gives you the feeling of happiness and ease.

4. Get support

Another way to ease stress is to let it all out instead of letting them stay inside of you. Find people to whom you can vent out to and who can understand what you are going through. Similarly, they can give you advice or just be an ear that would listen to you.

5. Listen to music

Everyone has their own music taste that they prefer. Whatever your music preference may be, it will be conducive relaxation. Just connect to your bluetooth speaker or put on those headphones and you’re good to go.

Don't let stress get the better of you. With all that harmful stress can do to your body, you wouldn't want to risk it. Learn to take care of your body and make sure to not overuse it because it can shut down.