Getting Used To Your Hearing Aid

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Now that you have gotten your first hearing aid (which you can bring to us for maintenance in the future), allow us to be the first to say congratulations! Although this new venture may take some getting used to, you need not fret at all, because we are here to give you a few tips on how you can get a hang on utilising your new device.

  • 1. Don’t get discouraged.

  • Any aid for any part of the body would really require some getting used to. An amputee may have difficulty adjusting with a prosthetic leg at first. Even the eyes and the nose need some time to get used to in wearing prescription glasses and contact lenses. It may feel a little awkward now, but remember, this feeling shall soon pass. Once you get comfortable with the feeling, you’ll see all the incredible benefits in store for you in using your device.

  • 2. Practice.

  • Your first few times of wearing your new hearing aid may tire you out a little bit, so feel free to remove them and take a rest for some time. It’s very much okay. To help you out on that, you may consider setting a schedule that you can follow. Little by little, you’ll be surprised you’re wearing them more often that you think you could. You just have to be patient with yourself. This new device won’t take overnight to master.

  • 3. Challenge your ears.

  • The beginning is always the scariest. We understand if it’s still hard for you to wear your new device outside. Treat your home as your safe place and a testing ground. Use your time at home to get used to your newfound sense of hearing. Maybe try them while you’re in a restaurant, in a car, or some other noisy place. In this way, your brain gets used to the new sounds your ears are hearing. With your hearing back, you can now filter and focus on what you really need to hear and disregard background noise. Amazing, right?

  • 4. Take it slow.

  • Slow down. Your ears are being exposed to sounds it has never encountered before. Before challenging your ears and seeing its full potential, take it down a notch. Start at a comfortable environment. Listen to the birds or airplanes. Hear your parents. Start with small groups of two or three. Take baby steps so you can slowly but surely get the full hang of it.

  • 5. Visit your doctor regularly.

  • To know how well you are managing your new hearing aid and report if there are any complications you are experiencing, you need to visit your hearing aid specialist regularly. They may conduct additional tests or make subtle adjustments to your treatment if you’re experiencing any difficulty with your device. Your hearing aid specialist is also someone you can freely talk to about your whole new venture. They, of all people, aside from fellow hearing aid patients, know what is going on with your situation. Listening Lab Malaysia has hearing aid specialists who specialise in helping you with all these.

  • 6. Educate!

  • You might want to know more of your hearing loss history and how you got to this stage. There are many articles online which you can refer to regarding hearing, hearing loss, your hearing aid, and more. Just like the other parts of our bodies, our ears are connected to its entire system.

    Your journey to hearing sounds is not going to be an easy one, but rest assured that it will all be worth it. There will be obstacles that you will face, but you have to be patient with the process. It’s best to get hearing aids that fit your lifestyle and of course, best fit you.

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