Hearing Aid Prices in Malaysia

Hearing Aid Prices in Malaysia

Hearing aid prices are some of the most common enquiries we are receiving here at Listening Lab Malaysia. Like many others who are considering getting themselves a pair, you’re probably wondering how much it costs to purchase your own device. May you find this post helpful as we enlighten you with the many different factors that influence hearing aid cost.

Price Ranges of Hearing Aids in Malaysia

As there are tons of different brands and thousands of different types of hearing aids in Malaysia, it’s pretty difficult to quote exact prices. But to give you an idea, prices typically start at RM3,500 for a basic hearing aid device and may go up to RM14,000 for a premium hearing aid device.

Here at Listening Lab, you’ll notice that we offer high-quality and high-technology hearing aids at remarkably fair prices. To browse through our Signia and Resound products, easily head over to our hearing aids section.

It’s essential to understand that learning more about you and your hearing loss is imperative If you want to get a more accurate quotation of hearing aids. This will allow us to find and recommend devices that will best suit your needs. 

Factors Influencing Hearing Aid Cost

The price range of hearing aid options in Malaysia is affected by several considerations including types, features, performance, and design. Familiarising yourself with these different factors will help you streamline your choices and allow you to make better decisions when it comes to purchasing the hearing aids that best suit your needs.


First of all, there is a wide variety of hearing aid types—from behind-the-ear (BTE) to completely-in-canal (CIC) devices. These differ in design and functionality. Choosing the right type of hearing aid should be based on the severity of your hearing loss and the kind of lifestyle that you lead.


Hearing aids with more advanced features tend to be pricier than basic models. Added functions such as rechargeability, wireless connectivity, and multiple listening capability allow wearers to integrate their devices into their day-to-day life seamlessly.


Technology has allowed the industry to improve its products in ways we’ve never imagined before. Digital hearing aids offer enhanced performance like noise reduction and directional microphone that result in improved listening of the wearer. 


Design also plays a role in the variation of hearing aid prices. Nowadays, you can find hearing device styles that are modern, more discreet, and almost invisible to the eye of non-wearers. Again, choosing the design of your hearing aids should be based on your needs. Wearers with dexterity issues are advised to opt for bigger devices.

The Case with Over-the-Counter Alternative Sold Online

Listening Lab only fit medical-device-grade hearing aids and not over-the-counter amplification devices which are found online.

Medical-device-grade hearing aids means they have cleared the Food Drug Administration (FDA-USA) regulations for medical devices. Hearing devices without such certification are considered consumer devices and are not subject to stringent quality checks, rigorous research and development criteria and consistency in production standards. Not complying with any one of these 3 requirements may have a permanent impact and damage on your hearing ability when used incorrectly

Free Hearing Test in Malaysia

Let our hearing specialists help you find the perfect hearing aid that best fits your lifestyle. Learn more about our hearing assessment service and/or call us for your hearing test enquiry.