Taking Care of Your Hearing Health this Year 2020

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Hearing Care Tips

It’s another year!

I bet you welcomed this year with lots of good food, great company, and loud fireworks. What better way to do so, right? 

New Year’s resolutions are listed here and there. What’s on yours? We hope that you will be able to carry it until the last day of the year. 

On to the health of your hearing, do your best to keep it, amongst others, at the top of your priority because let’s face it, we are not getting any younger and that also means our hearing is not going to be at its tip-top shape like it was before. 

Here are ways to take care of your hearing health this year 2020.


Our hearing, like the other functions in our body, can get overused overtime.

If you are in places where loud noises are a part of, what there is for you to do is to find a spot when you can where you can allow your hearing to recover. Do this short escape every now and then just to let your hearing rest and recover.


We are sometimes guilty of unknowingly hurting ourselves, our hearing. How? 

As simple as listening to our favorite playlist on Spotify can expose our hearing to harms way if we find ourselves turning up the volume of our earphones or headphones as we enjoy the music. Unsafe use of audio devices can put us at risk for noise-induced hearing loss. 

The way we can take care of our hearing while we enjoy our favorite songs is to play them on a subtle volume. Or, we follow the 60/60 rule. That is listening for no more than 60% on volume for no more than an hour a day.


Going back to loud noises - if this can’t be avoided, like working in a very noisy place, then you should see to it that you have some earplugs with you to protect your hearing. Earplugs can help filter down noise to a manageable level, keeping our ears from absorbing more than what it can safely endure.


We have been constantly reminded that it is a little unsafe to use cotton swabs to clean out our ear canal of wax build up. And yet some of us still find ourselves doing so instead of seeking help from professional ear wax removal services.

Our ears naturally cleans itself - even stops dust and harmful particles from entering the canal by way of producing the wax that leads them out. So the takeaway here is to refrain from using cotton swabs to clean your ears and seek professional ear wax removal service instead.


Exercising not only helps us burn those unwanted fats and calories in our body. Exercise, particularly cardio exercises, can be good for our ears as well. How so? 

Doing blood pumping exercises like running can bring blood to all parts of our body, including our ears. This in turn can make the internal parts of our ears stay healthy and work to its utmost capability. So why not schedule some jogging days this year.


Sometimes irregularities in our body can be so subtle that it is hard to tell we are already in the brink of trouble. 

To our ears, those little discomforts we, most of the time, neglect can be signs for something more serious going on behind it. But we have no way to tell, right? We are no doctor to say we are in trouble. So the best way to be really sure our ears are working at its best shape is to schedule for a regular hearing screening

Hearing loss develops slowly. Regular checkup can help with early detection and resolution. Taking care of our ears is paramount to keeping our hearing healthy.

For hearing assessment and assisted ear cleaning, visit any of our hearing centers in Malaysia.