Signia Insio NX

Signia Insio NX

The Insio™ ITE sits well in the concha of your ear with nothing hanging over your ears. Despite it's reasonably small size, it delivers a high level of hearing power to you that comes packed with technology that is directional, noise cancelling and multi-program.

  • Brand:
    Previously known as Siemens Hearing, the Signia range of hearing devices by Sivantos is built on 130 years of Siemens audiological innovation, making it one of the most established hearing instrument companies in the world.
  • Style:
    In The Ear (ITE)
  • Battery life:
    12 days with 8 hours of daily usage
  • Features

    • Custom hearing aids with huge power
    • Small hearing aid, big power, customsed to your ears
    • Echoshield stops reverbating sounds and cleans sounds naturally
    • SpeechMaster™ technology identifies voice patters and amplifies that over interfering noises
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