The Difference Between Sound Amplifiers and Hearing Aids?

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sound amplifier vs hearing aids

We can’t escape the fact that our hearing will not be as good as they were before. It’s not just because of our lifestyle that causes this, but mainly because of old age. You would want to consider getting technological help to aid you with your hearing problem. It’s best that you approach a hearing clinic near you and get a hearing test as soon as possible to continue enjoying the quality of life. You may be given the option to select either a sound amplifier or a hearing aid. Don’t get confused about it. We’re here to help you differentiate the two devices.

What is a Sound Amplifier?

One could say that sound amplifiers are equipment that gives people with NORMAL hearing special hearing abilities. A sound amplifier is a device that is place in or on the ear. It is mostly used in special cases such hearing the children sleep in the next room, a hunter being able to listen to subtle sounds of creatures around them, or just maybe wanting to watch the TV.

What is a Hearing Aid?

A hearing aid, on the other hand, is a medical device used to help people WITH hearing loss to be able to hear better.

What’s the difference?

While they both help with hearing, there are many differences between the two devices.

1. Main function

Sound amplifiers “amplify” all sounds while a hearing aid can differentiate sounds and know which sound to amplify based on the characteristics on that sound. Hearing aids help the person wearing them to be able to hear better in certain situations like in a group setting where many people are talking and sound is coming from all directions, and in a place where there are background noises competing for your hearing. Hearing aids also let the user hear naturally while amplifiers produce too much noise or too little speech.

2. Customisation

Our hearing is like our eyesight. It differs from one person to another. It has different degrees and conditions that makes prescription glasses unique for everyone. Similarly, hearing aids are not a one-size-fits-all type of device. What may be the perfect setting for you, may not produce the same comfort and aid for others. With that, your devices are customizable. That is why you undergo a series of test to find out what’s the perfect setting for your ears. Hearing aids can be programmed to get the perfect setting for you whereas amplifiers cannot.

3. Price

Sound amplifiers are generally cheaper than hearing aids. That’s because the technology used in a hearing aid is much more advanced than sound amplifiers. There are several world class manufacturers such as Sivantos/Siemens and GN Group that dedicate hundreds of millions in their mission to improve hearing aids. Amplifiers are given less because they’re just practically loudspeakers.

Our hearing is a very important part of our daily lives. When things go wrong, as they expectedly might, one should know how to make up for its problems. With this differentiation of the two devices, may you know what device you would choose over the other. Don’t let anything get in the way of quality life. Get a hearing aid when advised by your hearing specialist.

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