Listening Lab Malaysia’s Mobile Hearing Service: Healthcare at Your Doorstep

Have you always wanted to have your hearing checked, but the closest hearing centre to you is either too far (according to your search for “hearing clinic near me”) or you just can’t find a perfect time to squeeze it into your schedule? If only there was a way that the hearing professionals can come to you.

But wait, there is! Listening Lab has recently launched the first Mobile Hearing Centre in Malaysia! From now on, there are no more reasons to put off your hearing health. Here are some of the things that make our mobile hearing clinic just as excellent as our regular hearing centers.

  • 1. Mobility. The biggest edge Mobile Hearing Centre has against our regular Listening Lab branches is that it is moving. It enables us to go to our patients who can’t come to us.

  • 2. Sound-proof room. Just like any other hearing centre, our Mobile Hearing Centre has rooms that are soundproof, which are perfect for efficient hearing tests. You are sure that we can accurate provide results every single time!

  • 3. Equipment. The room won’t be as useful as it can be without the necessary equipment. Our Mobile Hearing Centre have all the tools needed to ensure that you feel like you’re just in a Listening Lab branch.

  • 4. Hearing professionals. And of course, probably the most importantly element of them all, are the health professionals. A hearing centre won’t be complete without them. We make sure that our hearing aid specialists are present in every visit.

  • What else can you get?

    Aside from those mentioned above, here are a few more things that we offer through our Mobile Hearing Centre.

  • 1. Demonstration. You can get a demonstration of how a hearing aid works, which is really nifty. It’s like you’re getting a live demo of a product that you want to purchase.

  • 2. Hearing aids distribution. After you’ve received your results and you want to purchase a hearing aid, there’s no need to get them from our physical branches anymore. You can easily and quickly get them right there and then—convenience at its finest.

  • 3. Cleaning and maintenance service. If you’re not a first time user, you can have your hearing aids cleaned and checked for maintenance with our Mobile Hearing Centres as well. You won’t have to bring them to our clinic because we’ll bring the clinic to you!

  • Home visits require a nominal fee but it will be waived when you purchase a hearing aid from us. When you do, the first three appointments will be free of charge! These follow-ups will be done to ensure that the hearing aid is working perfectly and is the right fit and device just for you. If not, the Mobile Hearing Centre will do the necessary adjustments. Everything sounds so easy, convenient, and affordable!

    For appointments, call our Damansara, Petaling Jaya branch at +603 7725 9334. (click to dial)