Widex Moment Sheer™

Widex Moment Sheer™

Hear like you remember!

Widex MOMENT Sheer features various new technologies that are designed to extend the benefits of natural sound to support overall well-being and enable greater engagement in life.

The new solution debuts an enhanced version of the company’s AI-based customization tool, MySound, which combines the power of artificial intelligence with wearer intent so users can always hear what they want in various environments. Accessible through the Widex MOMENT app, MySound 2.0 can now deliver an even more personal and impactful hearing experience through a new customization parameter — compression. This functionality allows users to choose what sounds they want to emphasize depending on their environment, allowing for even greater customization.

MySound 2.0 is built on two different approaches to sound personalization: Made by You and Made for You. Made by You guides users to a better sound through a series of A/B comparisons, allowing them to tailor the experience to their exact listening needs.These A/B comparisons have been updated to include compression preferences as well, resulting in over 10X more comparisons than the original MySound. Made for You uses AI to gather sound preferences from Widex wearers worldwide and instantly distills them into optimized sound recommendations for the user.

On the hardware side, Widex is introducing Widex Sound Assist, a five-in-one device designed to improve communication through partner and table microphone functionality, hands-free phone calls, direct streaming from any Bluetooth® device, and remote control of Widex MOMENT Sheer hearing aids.

  • Brand:

  • Style:
    Receiver in the ear (RIC)
  • Battery life:
    29h with no streaming or 16h with 8h of streaming
  • Features

    • Widex Moment Sheer with PureSound makes you hear every moment like you used to
    • SoundRelax with PureSound™ best sound quality no matter the type of hearing loss
    • AI-powered Widex MySound™ technology for more control over different hearing situation.
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