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Welcome to Listening Lab Testimonial

My husband purchased a Siemens Pure 7PX in 2016. We wish to appreciate Listening Lab for their ongoing attention and professional help they have been providing to us.

This is in continuation of our appreciation made about a year ago for all the help rendered since 2016.

They have now gone a step beyond to secure the support and cooperation of their office in Singapore to further help fine tune the equipment which is now to our satisfaction. We are now aware that these types of hearing aids are people specific, and require fine tuning to compensate for improved/ deteriorated hearing over time and we are pleased to express our utmost satisfaction for the patience, dedication and care displayed by each and every member of the Listening Lab team in both Malaysia and Singapore.

We can now confirm that it is MORE important WHO you by these specific products from rather than what you buy.

My husband and I would like to mention in particular Consultant in LL Malaysia and Consultant in LL Singapore for their help and support.